The 564th Meeting Report



The 564th YTMC regular meeting was held on Jan. 18th.

This time, we had Facilitating Discussion!  It was rare opportunity and very exciting. TMOD R.K, Thank you for your many preparation.


*** The comment from TMOD ***

Dear Members and all people who see this article, Good morning, good after noon, and good evening.

Thank you so much for staying at Doll House on 3rd Sat. Jan.

It was little bit different meeting from regularly because all members who attend the meeting take role of one drama.

The management of YTMC Food was suited the critical situation, and we need to discuss a lot of things.

The way of the meeting is to solve the problems, and find the way which make the YTMC Food keep it’s business.

It may little bit tough to find the details of the situation, and some member may feels uneasiness, but how pleasant, every member support the meeting positively, and no one break it.

The discussion under serious problem -Food Poisoning- went smoothly, and a lot of good ideas were found, for example, YTMC Food should try to sell chicken etc.

I believe all members who attended the meeting got not only the skill of impromptu speech, but also find the way of team work under serious situation without much information.

Thank you so much again, and if you are interested in the way of this meeting, please let me know.

We can share the plan/proposal and evaluation.


TMOD, Chief Executive Offcier, Good Job!!

Chief Operating Officer, so serious!

Discussion time

Award Session!

Souvenir picture!

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