2012 District76 Fall Contest Report



District 76 fall contest 2012 was held on Nov. 16th-18th. I and some YTMC members joined this contest.
As may be expected of the all Japan Table Topics contests, contestants had high level of speech skills.
I didn’t think that speeches were made ad-lib. I could learn speech skill from contestants.

In addition, there were two very special guests in this contest.
Those were Michael Notaro, DTM International President 2011-2012, and Professor Donald Keene. Michael demonstrated how servant-leadership creates, and Professor Keene told about Japanese culture.
Both speeches were splendid!!!  I was really inspired to their speeches.

2012 fall contests of Toastmasters were over. I joined District 76 contest for the first time.
It was very very exciting. I highly recommend to join District 76 contest if it is convenient to you!

Next contest is spring. This is the most exciting contest of TMC! The venue of District76 contest is…Nagoya!!!
The schedule will be May 17th-19th. Let’s go together!


Torphies for winners

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YTMC members

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