The 569th Meeting Report



*** The comment from TMOD ***

The meeting was held at Bankoku-Bashi Kaikan on April 5.

I was very happy that three newer members took their first roles. TM AS took her first joke master role. She spoke a nice black joke on some wife who made a severe decision for her husband. TM OM and TM TN took their first evaluation roles. Even though they both were assigned to evaluate advanced communicator speeches, they did good jobs.

Members enjoyed various kinds of speeches on the day. TM GM made a speech for the purpose of motivating people to take action that is an English version of his Area Japanese speech contest. TM AI made a speech on his frightening experience on some night that made him think about the existence of a ghost. TM SI made the best use of IT technology to explain the web pages that help our club activities and the importance of keeping in touch with them.

I as a toastmaster, could introduce each speaker with topics that are related with spring getting a lot of interesting answers to my question in advance. On a table topic session, each speaker made a nice speech on spring. All the members participated in the meeting with enthusiasm. Thanks to such the positive atmosphere, I enjoyed taking the toastmaster role and learned a lot of new things from everything in the meeting.

I was convinced again that Yokohama TMC gives us a lot of learning experiences through the great fun.


He was TMOD and the word of the day! How “dramatic”!

Award Session!

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