The 574th Meeting Report


YTMC 574th regular meeting is the last meeting in this term.
I was happy to take TMOD at such a special day!!

At this meeting, we had Installation Ceremony. New officers were selected in the last meeting. YMTC makes a new start on July.
Before that I really want to appreciate current officers. Especially I’d like to say “thank you” to our president TM Nirupam!! He thought of YTMC members first and he chose members who contributed greatly to development of YTMC. He called them “Star of YTMC” and gave some materials like Trophy or pin badge to them. His attempt made many members active to YTMC meeting. Unfortunately, he left Japan on last February, and he couldn’t continue to lead YTMC as the president. But I think that he served as YTMC president!!
Next month I am the president of YTMC. It is very big role for me, but I work for our club members, and create splendid club at Yokohama!!!


Let’s enjoy New YTMC together!!