The 579th Meeting Report


The YTMC #579 Meeting was held close to Nogeyama Park at the Seishonen Kouryu Centre. It was a hot day and summer was back with a last weekend of hot weather. To my delight and maybe because we had a huge venue reserved, almost 30 people were able to make it and enjoy my first TMOD session. However I believe they were really coming for the Speech Marathon and especially for TM Y’s presentation on the “Road to DTM”.

The schedule was tight so we omitted a theme for this meeting. The word of the day ultimate was used well throughout ultimately enhancing the atmosphere of the meeting. We managed to keep the time fairly well giving us the opportunity to hear 4 Table Topic Speakers give wonderful short speeches. This was followed by quickly moving into the Speech Sessions containing 6 Speeches with a wide variety of topics. First we were introduced to one of our recent new members via her Icebreaker Speech, then we moved to the beauty of Himeji Castle before taking a turn towards the Humorous side with speeches about Unusual Signboards, Primate Humor and great information about the Fall Speech Contest!

After a very brief intermission, it was our treat to have TM T.Y present his experiences/expertise on “The Road to DTM”. He broke us into workgroups and gave us questions to present later. Each group could quickly list down answers and present to the greater audience. TM T.Ythen elaborated on the answers given and gave a great overview on the baby steps required to reach the final goal of DTM. Thank you TM T.Yfor your presentation.

We wrapped up the meeting with a quick Evaluation Session and our President/VPE reminded everyone of the upcoming Fall In-House Humorous Speech Contest. It was a great first experience as a TMOD and I look forward to doing it again, this time with a theme!
Thank you!