The 580th Meeting Report


image image imageIt was my first time to take a Contest Chair in TM activities.
I have been joining the contest as a contestant for 3 years. Then I focused on making my speech and enjoyed giving the speech to members.
However I had to manage YTMC In-house Contest at this time. My priority was to collect many contestants. And I needed to create the stage that contestants give each speech with a good feeling. I felt that I gave my speech comfortably because Contest Chair created the stage for me.
As a result there were 10 contestants in English and Japanese Contest!! I thought our In-house Contest in2014 was successful. But success couldn’t come without member’s cooperation! I really appreciated all members, and all contestants! Thank you very much!
Lastly I announce prize winners of our In-house contest in2014 at both contests!!

1st TM Y.T
2nd TM Y.N
3rd TM T.S

1st TM K.T
2nd TM N.S