The 593rd Meeting Report


With Sakura in full bloom, we were delighted with the turnout of members for
our YTMC Meeting #593. Although we had to scramble a little before the
meeting to fill all the roles, we could enjoy the meeting and speeches.
Much appreciation has to be given to Toastmaster E.Y,
T.M, and R.K for their great effort in taking double roles.
As for the meeting itself, we started off with the Word of the Day
“outsmart” which we found difficult to use but all of us learned how to
outsmart our way through the Advanced Manuals thanks to the long prepared
speech that Toastmaster Y.K gave on his Toastmasters activities. We
also laughed our way through Toastmaster K.T’s speech about her
husband “What does he do?” and our Speech of the Day award went to
Toastmaster A,I. for his interesting speech “Joyful and Disastrous Trip”
After a short break, we continued with Table Topics. Toastmaster N.F.
chose some veteran and older members to reminisce about their school
graduation and favorite Sakura spots. My mentor Toastmaster A.I showed
his prowess again by outsmarting the other speakers and taking home the best
Table Topics speaker award.
Our 4 guests with 3 of them 1st time visitors could benefit from Toastmaster
T.K.’s 16 minute presentation about his Toastmastering activities and we
hope they will be back to experience meetings in the future.
Thanks to all for participating and looking forward to see you at our
upcoming meetings!

Toastmaster M.F