The 594th Meeting Report


On Apr.18th we had our 594th regular meeting in Seishonen Ikuseikaikan.
Despite very tight schedule and the situation of less participants,everyone accepted each role kindly. And thanks to them we could finish our meeting very successfully.

Today we have an Induction ceremony for new member,TM Y.H.
We were really glad to welcome our new member who has strong motivation.

In an educational session we had three speakers, TM M.F, TM R.K and TM Y.Y.
TM M.F achieved competent communication manual #10, first goal of Toastmasters program.congratulations!!!

TM R.K introduced a beer factory tour in his speech. By getting comments of audience members who had actually participated in this tour, he entertained us.

TM Y.Y challenged new project of Advanced manual, Humorously Speaking.She talked about her side trip, after going to visit her father in hospital, with a very funny story.
And in tips session,TM T.N introduced various access to Toastmasters information,both analog and digital. In order to catch vivid news, his introduction seemed very useful.
Thanks to positive effort and cooperation of every member,
we could break though much higher step.
TM T.S wrote

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