お盆も英語スピーチ♪本日のベストスピーチ「自信をつけるためには○○が効果的!」/ 横浜トーストマスターズクラブ第697回例会レポート


697回の例会は8月17日(土)に横浜市開港記念会館で行われました。 お盆の週末に夏本番ともいえる暑さで参加人数は少ないかもと思っていましたがゲストも含めて20名にご参加いただきました。

Meeting No 697 was held on July 20th at Yokohama-shi Kaiko Kinen Kaikan. It was hot and humid day which we felt the beginning of summer. It was fantastic that there were 20 participants even though extreme hot weather and the end of Obon week.


今回は新体制になって初めて入会式を行いました。今期のオフィサーは学生や日本人以外にも積極的に参加していただく施策を とっており、今回インドの方をお迎えすることができました。YTMCではさらに多様性をもつクラブになればよいなと思います。

We had an induction ceremony for the first time of the new cabinet. An Indian friend joined this club since our cabinet promotes to students and international friends. I really hope we can create diversified and friendly atmosphere at YTMC.


本日のワード:skyrocket  prsented by TM.M.N

Word of the day: skyrocket  prsented by TM.M.N
1. shoot up abruptly, like a rocket
1. sends a firework display high into the sky
2. propels bright light high in the sky, or used to propel a lifesaving line or harpoon


本日のお題/Today’s Topic

本日のテーブルトピックはテーマである”Home Town”に関連して、日本の主要な都市についての面白い質問をTM K.Nが用意してくれました。縁がない都市の話題にあたった方々は答えるのに四苦八苦していましたが予想外の質問に答えるのも即興スピーチの醍醐味だと思いました。

TM K. N ran table topic session, she prepared a number of questions about big cities in Japan related to today’s theme “Home Town”. Some members had to make answers about cities they do not know well but it was great that they squeezed their knowledge and tried to make answer. Table topic is the training of impromptu speech in order for us to respond unexpected questions.

Q1 Tokyo has too many people. What are the negative effects of the centralization of population in Tokyo? – Speaker TM.S.G  Time:1:07

Q2. When you go to hot springs in Kyushu, where should you pick and why? – Speaker TM.T.M Time: 1:10

Q3. The population of Yokohama is one million larger than the one of Osaka, but many people consider Osaka is the second big city after Tokyo. Do you know why?– Speaker TM.S.I Time: 2:16

Q4. Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, and the city is struggling with overtourism. Too many tourists for the size of the city. What can the city do to ease the problem? – Speaker TM.MN Time:1:17

Q5 When you go to Sendai, what are you going to eat? – Speaker TM.T.T Time: 1:38

Q6 Hiroshima is another one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan. The Peace Memorial Museum and the Atomic Bomb Dome attract so many people. Why do so many tourists go to these places? – Speaker TM.A. I Time: 2:27


本日の事前準備スピーチ/Today’s Prepared Speech

準備スピーチは3名のスピーカーが挑戦しました。 ベテランTM N.Sによるアイスブレイカー、TM H.Oは一度やったスピーチについて受けたアドバイスをもとにもう一度スピーチをおこない、TM A. Tは自分自身のリーダーシップスタイルの説明を行うというPathwaysの新しい取り組みについて体感できるセッションとなりました。

Prepared speech had 3 speakers, TM N.S did the ice breaker, TM H.O accomplished the 2nd speech what he has done and took feedback before and TM A.T explained his leadership style. All of us can enjoy new features of Pathways.

1. TM.N. S Time: 6:39
The island he was born and raised on. The pictures of now and then – car, telephone, computer 

2. TM.H.O Time: 6:13
Important to practice a speech or any other things a lot to earn confidence.

3. TM.A.T Time: 7:23
Failed and successful experiences in his college orchestra activities and learned his leadership style



本日の論評/Today”s Evaluation

批評セッションでは、TM H. MがGeneral Evaluatorを務めました。TM N.Sのスピーチの批評を妻であるTM T.Sが行ったことが今回のハイライトでした。家族など近い人にでもはっきりと建設的にフィードバックをすることはリーダーシップスキルの醸成につながります。TM K.OとTM K.Tもそれぞれのスピーカーに対してよかった点、改善を要する点を効果的にフィードバックしていたのが印象的でした。

TM H.M led the evaluation secession as general evaluator.  The most interesting thing was TM T.S evaluated the speech of her husband TM. N.S. Giving constructive feedback to others especially relatives is very important for nurturing leadership skills. Also, TM K.O and TM K.T delivered feedback both good points and improvement needed to each speaker.

1.T. S Time: 3:45 <overtime>
Good: One of the best speeches Nori-san has ever made. Contents and preparation were great. Old pictures and cute illustration
Bad: He was too relaxed. He should be a little more serious to show his confidence.

2. HO Time: 3:16
Good: O-san was confident and gave us good information for making speeches.
Bad: The opening of O-san’s speech was not clear. We didn’t know when his speech began.

3. KT Time: 3:15
Good: TM T conveyed a strong message “Raise your hand”
Bad: He didn’t mention the results of the issues he had in the college orchestra activities. He didn’t tell us either what he learned or what he achieved in the activities.



総論評 by TM.H.M

1. 自分が論評者ではなくてもメモを取るようにする。そうすることで他メンバーのスピーチから多くを学ぶことができる。また、自分のスピーチにも役立つ。
2. 本日の事前準備スピーチは今期のスローガン:”Discover Yourself and Enrich Your Life”に沿っていた。
3. Ahなどの不要な言葉を使う癖を直そう。

General Evaluator – Comments from TM.H.M

1. Let’s take notes even though you are not an evaluator. You can learn many things from the speeches that other toastmasters make. These are useful for your next speech.
2. The prepared speeches today were in keeping with the slogan ‘Discover Yourself and Enrich Your Life’ of  YTMC.
3. Let’s get rid of a habit of using “ah” so many times. I will do the same with you.


文法・言葉遣いレポート by TM.A.I

Grammarian’s report
3.Plural – Not “content” but “contents”/単数形、複数形の使い分け



Word of the day: Only TM.W.Y used. TM Nakamori-san said “I regretted I didn’t use skyrocket when talking about Kyoto’s overtourism during the TT session.



Ah Counter’s:
So many people used unnecessary filler words


最後にアワードの発表を行いました。テーブルトピックは横浜がなぜ2番目の都市だと認識されていないのかを明快に説明されていたTM S.I、批評スピーチはTM K.T、準備スピーチは自分自身に自信をつけるためにカラオケが効果的であるというスピーチをしたTM H.Oが受賞されました。

Finally, Award presentation has done, TM S.I who explained why Yokohama is not recognized as second largest city won the best Table Topic Speaker, TM K.T who gave effective advices to the prepared speaker won the best evaluator and TM H.O who made a speech Karaoke is the best way to improve self-confidence won the best prepared speaker. Well done all award winners!



We, Yokohama Toast Masters Club, are working on acquiring important skills not only public speaking but also leadership and others needed to enrich life and business through speech in English from millennials through baby boomers. The meeting was successful since everybody feels such attitude even though the number of participants was bit smaller than usual due to Obon holiday week. I would like to express my gratitude to those who gave supports.



Regular Meetingカテゴリーの記事