The 776th Regular Meeting Report


Date&Time: 14:00-16:00 December 17th 2022/ Venue: Hatoba Kaikan + Online
There were 25 people including two guests participated in the meeting.

On a sunny day at the end of the year, the 776th regular meeting was held at the Hatoba Kaikan. The room was decorated for Christmas. Participants also wear Christmas props such as headdresses. At the beginning of the meeting, TM. A, who participated in Area C2’s evaluation contest and won first place, was presented with an award.

室内はクリスマスの飾りつけです。参加者も、頭飾りなど、クリスマスの小道具を身につけています。冒頭にArea C2の評論コンテストに参加して1位になったAさんの表彰がありました。Aさん、おめでとうございます。その後、定例がスタートしました。

The regular meeting then began. The TMOD for this meeting was TM.I. He conducted the meeting smoothly. The theme of this regular meeting was “Final Gift of 2022 which I want. This topic is appropriate for Christmas and the end of the year. Before each participant gave a speech, he or she announced the gift he or she would like to receive. We shared our wishes such as going back to their hometown or going to a hot spring.

今回のTMODは、TM.I。スムーズな会議を進行されました。今回の定例のテーマは“Final Gift of 2022 which I want”。2022年の最後に欲しいプレゼント。クリスマスそして年末にふさわしいトピックです。それぞれの参加者がスピーチの前に自分が欲しいプレゼントを発表しました。故郷に帰りたい、温泉に行きたい、などです。

The word of the day was “Dubious. It is a word that we do not usually use. TM. I, a veteran TMOD, repeated it and confirmed it for everyone.


The next Table Topics was moderated by TM.S. She herself collected questions she wanted to ask the members. ‘What is your own dark side, but one that you actually enjoy?’ What is an event that seemed like a loss at the time but turned out to be a good thing in the end?” How do you calm an angry person? How do you make someone over 25 cheerful? These were all interesting questions that were a bit philosophical. And the answers were all wonderful. I was amazed at how they were able to improvise such answers, and it was a table topic that really showed the high level of YTMC.

続いてのTable Topicsは、TM.Sの司会で進められました。彼女自身がメンバーに聞きたい質問を集めたそうです。「自分自身のダークサイドではあるが、実は楽しんでいるものは何ですか?」「その時は損失だと思ったが、結局はよかったと思った出来事は?」「怒っている人をどうやってなだめますか?」「25才を過ぎた人を陽気にする方法は?」など、少し哲学的で面白い質問ばかりでした。そして回答者が皆さん、素晴らしかった。よく即興でこんな回答ができるなと感嘆しました。YTMCのレベルの高さを実感するテーブルトピックでした。

Following the impromptu speech session, the preparatory speech session began. There were three speakers.

The first speaker was TM O, whose title was “Support Someone who wants to support others. He spoke about his experience of volunteering with his company colleague in a flood affected area. His speech was very persuasive because of his real-life experience on how to gather and motivate people. His speech was casual yet confident.

The next speaker, TM.S, titled “Shame on you, Takako. “ It is a story about how he responded to a person who suddenly posted a fight on the notice board at Toastmasters. It was a fun speech with serious anger, yet humorously put together, and a great summary of how to use SNS.

The third speaker, TM.N., spoke on the theme of “Lost with Translation” and talked about the strange English writing in Japan. He took pictures of strange English signs in various places and showed them to the audience. It was a good reference for me even while laughing.


最初のスピーカーはTM O、タイトルは「Support Someone who wants to support others」でした。洪水被害にあった地域を会社の有志でボランティアした体験を話されました。どうやって人を集めて、やる気にさせるか、実体験だけに説得力がありました。カジュアルでありながら自信を感じるスピーチでした。

次のスピーカーは、TM.S、タイトルは「Shame on you, Takako」。トーストマスターズでの告知板に突然に喧嘩を売るような書き込みをしてきた人への対応の話です。真剣な怒りがありながら、ユーモラスにまとめて楽しいスピーチでした。SNSの使い方のまとめも素晴らしかったです。

3番目のスピーカーは、TM.N。テーマは「Lost with Translation」 。日本にある変な英語の表記について話をされました。たんねんにいろんな場所で変な英語表記の写真をとってそれを見せながらの解説でした。笑いながらも他人事ではないと参考になりました。

After the intermission, General Evaluation session started led by TM. N. There were four evaluators, and they gave constructive and valuable feedback to each prepared speaker.
Then, we moved on to the Award session which was our main event.
The result of Award session was following.

Best Table topic Speaker: TM.M
Best Evaluator: TM.A
Best Speaker: TM.S


最優秀テーブルトピック・スピーカー TM.M
ベストエバリュエーター TM.A
ベストスピーカー TM.S

Finally, we sang “Jingle Bells” while looking at lyric’s cards brought by TMOD I. It was the first time for me to look at the lyrics of “Jingle Bells” and it was a good way to end the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on January 7 at Hatoba Kaikan.
If anyone is interested, please join us as a guest. We look forward to seeing you there.
See you at the next meeting. Thank you!