The 778th Regular Meeting Report




Getting big chilly here in Yokohama, but it was full of energy in the town!




Today’s TMOD is TM. N.

Representing YTMC, she had just attended Toastmasters training. She said that adjective vocabulary is important!

今日のテーマは”New Year`s Resolution”. 一月も中盤に差し掛かりましたが、まだまだ今年の目標を立てる時期ですね。

Today’s theme is “New Year`s Resolution”.

It’s time to set goals for the year.

面白かったのがGrammarianのTM. Mがロール紹介の際、「New Year`s Resolutionを作らないのがNew Year`s Resolution」ですといって会場を沸かせていました!

It was interesting when Grammarian TM.M introduced the roles, he excited the audience by saying, “My new Year’s Resolution is not making New Year’s Resolution.”

皆さんお待ちかねのテーブルトピックの担当はTM. Mです。

Smart Phoneがupdateするように、自分自身もいつもアップデートしていきたいとポジティブなスタート。

Today`s table topic master is TM.M. She mentioned that her new year`s resolution is the to update herself like smart phone!

また、彼女は”Die with Zero”という本のコンセプトに則った質問を考えてきました。





She prepared her questions based on the concept of the book “Die with Zero”.

What’s your life’s bucket list? What can you do now? “If you can do anything, what do you want to do?”

The good thing about Toastmasters is that we can know this kind of knowledge at the meeting. I was impressed the concept of the book and just purchased this book from Amazon.

Also, this time, two of the guests were pointed for table topic speech.

Both answered so confidently that I couldn’t believe they were guests.

本日のPrepares Speakerは4人

最初のスピーカは「難しい聴衆をマネージメントする」という課題の TM.O。まるで寸劇みたいで、大笑いしました。

We had 4 prepared speakers at this meeting.

The assignment of TM.O was how to manages difficult audiences.

There were several members who interrupts his speech, but he managed nicely.

It was a great entertainment show and we all enjoyed.

ご自身のリーダーシップ体験を語ったTM.KのLeading by example.


TM.K gave a speech about leadership, title was “Leading by example”, talking about his own leadership experience. What do you do to motivate people? It was very helpful.

TM.Aは”New year`s resolutions: Too much of a good thing”


タバコの止め方Cold Turkeyなど面白い話を交えたプレゼンでした。

TM.A gave a speech “New year`s resolutions: Too much of a good thing”

Educational content using PowerPoint presentations.

It was professional presentation with interesting stories such as Cold Turkey, how to stop smoking.

最後のTM.IはBreaking free from the dependence of scolding



The last TM.I gave a speech, “Breaking free from the dependence of scolding”.

A very sensitive topic from his experience as a schoolteacher.

This is a common problem for ordinary people!

論評ももちろん4名でした。中でもBest EvaluatorをとったTM. Oは明確なポイントを指摘しておりました。本日のゲストもEvaluationが最も感銘を受けたというくらいです。


Of course, there were 4 evaluators. Among them, TM.O, who won the Best Evaluator, pointed out a clear evaluation points.  Today’s guests commented that one of the most impressed things about toastmaster was Evaluation secession.

Evaluator gave useful feedback to the speaker in a limited time, and we are so proud as toastmasters!

General EvaluatorはTM. O,

これは例会全体の論評です。 プロジェクターの光加減から、例会でのメンバーへの話す機会をどのように割り当てるのか?など、改善ポイントをたくさん指摘しました。


General Evaluator was TM. O.

General evaluation is the evaluation for the entire meeting. TM. O pointed out many improvements point such as how we allocate the spacers at the regular meeting and suggested the set up or projector in order to all audience able to see clearly.  By this kind of general evaluation, we can enhance and improve the operation of the meeting!

今回の表彰です。Best speakers of this meeting!

Best Table topic speaker: TM. O

Best Evaluator: TM. O

Best Prepared Speaker: TM. K


It was a wonderful meeting, and we all enjoyed the meeting lead by TOMOD, TM. N. Well Done!!


We all see you in the inhouse contest!!