会場係謹製の卒業ソングセレクションで会場は一気に卒業ムード。和やかに華やかに英語スピーチを楽しみました 第686回例会レポート


第686回例会レポート #686 TMOD Meeting Report

#686レギュラーミーティングを平沼メモリアル ゲスト ハウス 2階にて3月16日に開催しました。例会前の会場では、”卒業写真”が流れていました。ユーミンの曲です。日本では、3月は別れの季節です。学生の卒業、FYの終了等。本日のテーマは「別れ」です。

Our #686 regular meeting was held at Hiranuma memorial rest house 2F on March 16th.
As I arrived at the room, I heard “Sotsugyou shashin”. It is a famous song by Yumin.
Yes. In Japan, March is a good-bye season. Students graduate schools or financial year ends, etc. Today’s theme is “goodbye”.


However Oppositely, 3 newcomers joined YTMC through induction ceremony. Welcome to our club! Hope you improve your skill.

TM N(アー カウンター)は、奥様が「古着は捨てて」と言いますが、思い出が沢山詰まっているので捨てられないとのことです。彼の持論では、女性は男性より物を容易く捨てる傾向にあるとのことです。そう思いますか?

TM N(whose role is Au-counter) told that his wife often says “throw away old clothes”, but he doesn’t throw them away, because having a lot of memories. He says women tend to throw away stuff easily than men. Do you agree with his opinion?

ジョークセッションでは、TM Oは、親指の話で大いに笑わせてくれました。何人かのメンバーはストレスとさよなら(別れ)をしたいと言っていました。笑いは人を幸せにします。ジョークは、彼らのストレス解放を助けたと思います。

Joke session, TM O made us laugh a lot by thumb story, some members told they want to say goodbye to their stress. Laugh make people happy. I believe TM O helped them through his story.


At the table topic session, each speaker gave a positive or negative speech about a subject which was written on the card.

準備スピーチでは、4名がオリジナル ストーリーを披露しました。どれも興味深い話でした。しかし、残念ながら、3/4が規定時間を超えました。時は金なり。時間は守りましょう。

At the prepared speech session, 4 people spoke their original stories. Each of them was very attractive. However, Unfortunately, 3/4 prepared speakers were time over. Time is money. Why don’t you keep the time? The only 1 speech that kept the time was about generation X. I confirmed around 1/3 is generation X.


At the evaluation session, all of them were veterans TM members. I felt their confidence to make prepared speakers more wonderful.

YTMC はいつもモチベーションを持った人を歓迎します。

All of YTMC members are very motivated. April 6th, after the meeting, some members listen
RAKUGO to improve their speaking skill.
YTMC always welcomes motivated newcomers!

Thank you.







The Toastmasters Club Area 52 International Speech Contest was held on March 2, 2019, at Noge-chiku Center near JR Sakuragi-cho station. This contest precedes the Toastmasters International Speech Contest which is held annually in summer. The winners of each club compete at respective Area Contest, then the winners there again proceed to Division Contests. The Division Contest winners will compete at the District (All Japan) Contest in May, and then the winner of the District Contest will go to the World Championship in summer.

Each club that belongs to an Area is required to host an Area Contest in turn annually, and our Yokohama Toastmasters Club co-hosted the Area 52 Contest this year with a Japanese club, Kannai Toastmasters Club.

そしてもう一つの特徴は、ピアノ伴奏があったことです。会場に偶然ピアノが置いてあり、幸いにも使用無料で、これまた偶然ピアニストがメンバー内にいたので、開会宣言時や表彰時にじゃじゃーん! とジングルを入れてもらったのです。通常コンテストではピンと張りつめた緊張感が漂うのですが、ピアノの効果は抜群で、今までになく楽しい雰囲気のコンテストとなりました。即興でピアノを弾いてくださったTM K.K.に感謝です!

In this contest, we had special features that we’d never had before. One is that we were required to take off shoes and wear slippers inside a venue. I’d never seen contestants making speeches in slippers and it was a novel sight to behold. I assume they might have had difficulty moving on the floor.
The other thing was that a piano performance accompanied the contest. There happened to be a piano in the venue and it was free to use it. Luckily and coincidentally, we had a pianist within our members who happened to be there! So, I asked him to play it at an opening and award presentation. He stroked the piano keys tenderly and “Baaang!” them when needed. His piano improvisation gave a cheerful boost to the contest, which is usually filled with tension and nervousness. Thank you, TM K.K. for playing it on the spot!

さて本題のコンテスト。まず英語コンテストが13:15に開会しました。コンテスト委員長・司会は私、TM. T.S.が務め、エリア52所属クラブ (横浜・関内・みなとみらい・オーシャンTMC) から集まった総勢65名の観客が見守る中、6名のコンテスタントの熱き戦いが始まりました。

Following the cheerful “Baaang” of piano came the contest opening. First, the English Contest began at 13:15, and I, TM T.S., facilitated it as Contest Chair and MC. The venue was packed with almost 70 Toastmasters from all clubs that belong to Area 52 (Yokohama, Kannai, Minatomirai and Yokohama Ocean TMC), and six contestants started to compete with each other.

トップバッターは横浜TMCのプレジデント、TM F.のスピーチです。コンテストでトップバッターを務めるのは非常に緊張するものですが、そんな様子はみじんもなく、堂々としたスピーチを披露されました。2番目のスピーカーはオーシャンクラブ代表のベテランスピーカー、TM H.です。さすが全国大会出場経験者、声音やジェスチャーなど、卓越したスキルを披露してくださいました。3番目はみなとみらいクラブのプレジデント、TM A。彼はTM歴は浅いものの、何度もコンテストに出場している強豪です。非常に瀟洒な語り口の、スマートなスピーチを聞かせて下さいました。4番目はオーシャンクラブ代表のTM K、長身を活かしたジェスチャーで、面白いアイデアのスピーチを披露してくださいました。5番目は我が横浜クラブ代表のTM O。彼特有の会場を一気に明るくする笑顔で、楽しいスピーチを聞かせて下さいました。6番目に登場した最後のスピーカーは、みなとみらいクラブ代表のTM O。ベテランならではの卓越したデリバリースキルと流暢な英語で、見事にフィナーレを飾って下さいました。

The first speaker was our Yokohama TMC’s president, TM F. Although it must have been nerve-wrecking to speak first at the contest, he delivered his speech marvelously with confidence. The second speaker was TM H., who was an experienced speaker representing Yokohama Ocean TMC. She had been a finalist at the District Contest before and she delivered her speech with excellent vocal variety, gestures and refined skills. The third speaker was TM A. from Minatomirai TMC. Although his experience as a Toastmaster is short, he is a great speaker who has participated in contests many times before. As though to prove it, he rendered his speech with sophistication and smartness. The forth speaker was TM K. who was representing Yokohama Ocean TMC. Taking advantage of his height, he spread his long arms like an eagle and towered over us, and delivered a unique story. The fifth speaker was TM O. who represented Yokohama TMC. He has an innate talent to bring smiles to anyone who sees him. He used his magic onto the audience and delivered a cheerful speech that left us all smiling and happy. The sixth and final speaker was TM O. from Minatomirai TMC. He has a long-term experience as a Toastmaster and delivered his speech in fluent English with prominent speaking skills.

審査結果を集計するあいだ、座を和ませてくれたのは、みなとみらいクラブ所属のインタビュアー、TM S.によるコンテスタントへのインタビューセッションです。さすが手慣れたもので、コンテスタントへ次々と即興質問を繰り出し、観客を大いに楽しませて下さいました。

While tally counters were tabulating judges’ results, TM S. from Minatomirai TMC interviewed the contestants with his humorous talk and entertained the audience. An experienced Toastmaster as he is, he improvised the question after question and sometimes brought contestants to their wits’ end.

3位入賞者は、トップバッターとしてスピーチを披露した横浜TMC代表のTM F、2位はオーシャンTMCのTM H、そして栄えある1位の座を獲得したのは、洗練されたスピーチを披露したみなとみらいクラブ代表のTM Aでした。みなさんおめでとうございました!

I received the judges’ result from Chief Judge and finally commenced on the award presentation. Unfortunately, one contestant out of six went overtime and became disqualified. Therefore, winners were selected from remaining five contestants.
The third place winner was TM F., who was representing our Yokohama TMC and courageously made the first speech. The second place winner was TM H. from Yokohama Ocean TMC, and the glorious first place winner was revealed to be TM A. from Minatomirai TMC who delivered a highly sophisticated speech. Congratulations all winners!

休憩をはさみ、第2部、日本語コンテストの始まりです。日本語コンテストは関内クラブが担当し、初コンテスト委員長に抜擢された新人のTM T.が司会を務めました。スーツ姿で決めたTM T、しっかりと司会をこなされました!

After the intermission, the latter half of the contest, which was the Japanese Speech Contest, began. It was hosted by Kannai TMC and facilitated by the first-time Contest Chair, TM T. Neatly adorned in business suits, he played the role of MC smoothly and solemnly.

トップバッターはオーシャンクラブ代表のTM K、爽やかで新鮮なスピーチをして下さいました。2番目は横浜TMCのTM F、英語コンテスト3位獲得直後の彼のスピーチは、更に自信に満ち溢れた堂々たるものでした。3番目のスピーカーはオーシャンクラブのTM A。彼のトレードマークであるマイク要らずの大きな声と、研ぎ澄まされたジェスチャーで、素晴らしいスピーチを披露して下さいました。4番目はみなとみらいクラブ代表のTM T。帰国子男の彼の日本語スピーチを聞くのは初めてでしたが、日本語も非常に堪能で、ユーモアにあふれた面白いスピーチでした。5番目、ラストスピーカーは横浜クラブ代表のTM A、少女時代の辛い体験を真摯に、赤裸々に語って下さいました。

日本語のインタビューは、エリア54ディレクターでもあるオーシャンクラブのTM I.が担当して下さいました。スピーチが終わって緊張の解けたコンテスタント達がにこやかに応答するのが印象的な、楽しいインタビューセッションでした。

Japanese Contest proceeded just as the English Contest did. It started with opening remarks, then the rule explanation was given, and the speech competition began. The first speaker was TM K. from Yokohama Ocean TMC. She was given a ticket to this contest a week prior to it, and gave a refreshing speech with a shy smile. The second speaker was TM F. from Yokohama TMC, who had won the third place award in the English Contest. Isn’t it amazing that he participated in the two contests at the same time? With renewed confidence attained by his third place prize, he delivered his speech marvelously. The third speaker was TM A from Yokohama Ocean TMC. With his signature big voice that doesn’t require microphone’s help, he rendered his speech with refined gestures and movements. The fourth speaker was TM T. representing Minatomirai TMC. He grew up in the U.S. and speaks English like a native speaker, and I’d never heard him making speeches in Japanese. But I found out for the first time that he could speak Japanese fluently as well! In his native tongue, he delivered his speech humorously. The fifth and final speaker was one of our representatives, TM A. from Yokohama TMC, who talked candidly and sincerely about her poignant experience in her youth.

The Japanese Interview Session was conducted by TM I. from Yokohama Ocean TMC, who is also an Area 54 Director. It was a cheerful session in which relaxed contestants answered questions with big smiles.

さて、日本語コンテストの結果は…なんと! 1位が我らがプレジデント、横浜TMCのTM F、2位も横浜TMCのTM A、そして3位がオーシャンTMCのTM Aでした。我が横浜クラブ、ダブル受賞で、TM F.は英語コンテストでも3位入賞でしたから、なんとトリプル受賞ですね! おめでとうございます!

Following the fun Interview Session, the winners of the Japanese Speech Contest were announced. And guess what? Our president, TM F. of Yokohama TMC, won the first place! And the second place went to TM. A from our club as well! The third place award was given to TM A from Yokohama Ocean TMC. Since our president TM F. received two prizes and TM A. received one, our Yokohama TMC won the three prizes in the contest it hosted. What a great achievement! Congratulations winners!

1位を受賞されたTM AとTM F、エリア52代表として、来月のディビジョンEコンテストでの雄姿を期待しております。頑張ってください!

One thing I learned in this contest was the power of Toastmasters’ teamwork. Those who had roles to play worked on their own accord without specific instructions. Many volunteers helped setting up the venue without coercion. I can proudly say that everybody, including committee members, contestants and audience, enjoyed the contest thoroughly and it was a great success. Thanks everyone for your cooperation!
The two first-place winners, TM A. and TM F., I wish you a big success in the upcoming Division E Contest next month. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your speeches again there!

コンテスト委員長: TM T.S.
Contest Chair: TM T.S.


トーストマスター歴15年以上の経験豊富なメンバーが英語スピーチ上達の秘訣を優しく伝授!聞くだけで為になる論評でした 第683回例会レポート


第683回例会レポート #682 TMOD Meeting Report


2週間後に私たちのインハウスコンテストがあるため、例会のテーマを「コンテスト」にしました。経験豊富なメンバーは、トーストマスターズのコンテストを通じて様々な経験を持っていました。例えば、T Sさんは10年前のディストリクトコンテストという日本の全国大会で3位に表彰されました。R Kさんは2015年に運営実行委員になり、ディストリクトコンテストの運営に携わりました。 また、毎年多くのメンバーが私たちのインハウスコンテストに参加します! どうやら私たちのクラブには、コンテストへの参加に対して積極的なメンバーが集まっているようです!

さて教育プログラムの中では、テーブルトピックマスターのR Kさんが8名のメンバーをスピーカーにしました。彼は様々な質問を用意して、8名のメンバーに当てていきました。中には難しい質問もありましたが、みんな頑張って2分間のスピーチを作り上げていました。

次の3つの準備スピーチはどれも、各々の経験に基づいた個性あふれるものでした。 このようなスピーチこそが、メンバーの興味を引きつけるのですね! 素晴らしい!

そして今日の論評者はみんな経験豊富なメンバーが、選出されました。 なんと全員トーストマスターズ歴15年以上!! 彼らの論評は構成が整っているだけではなく、内容が的を射ていて、聞いているメンバーにとってと学びの多いセッションになったと思います。

さあ、次回はいよいよインハウスコンテストです。 たくさんの素晴らしいスピーチを聴きたくありませんか?? クラブ見学はいつでも大歓迎ですよ!


Our 683th regular meeting was held at Hiranuma Memorial Rest House 2F on Jan.19th. We had 30min Table Topics session and 3 prepared speakers at this meeting. It was simple, but we had a very good time.

I set “Contest” as our meeting theme because we hold In-house contest after 2weeks. Experienced members had various experience through Toastmasters Contest. For example, TM T S won 3rd place at District Contest which is a nationwide in Japan about 10 years ago. TM R K conducted District contest as a steering committee member in 2015. Besides, many members participate in In-house Contest every year. I felt that members who are positive for the contest get together at our club!!

With regard to educational program, Table Topics master TM R K assigned 8 members as a speaker. He prepared a various type of questions and some were difficult. But All speakers managed to give their speech for about 2min.

3 prepared speeches were great individuality. Their speeches were created based on their own experience. That’s why those captured the audience.

Today all evaluators were very experienced members. They have been joining Toastmasters for more than 15 years. Their evaluations were well organized and critical. We could learn a lot from them.

Next meeting is In-house Contest!. Why don’t you listen to great speeches? We always welcome your participation!!



新年最初の英語スピーチ例会。2019年も横浜から楽しい英語スピーチを発信します! 第682回例会レポート


第682回例会レポート #682 TMOD Meeting Report

2019年第1回目のミーティングは1月5日に波止場会館にて行われました。ミーテイング・テーマは “今年の抱負”と 毎年初にはいつも選ばれそうな凡庸なテーマでしたが、皆様からの回答は面白いのは当然ですが まじめで 身につまされる解答も多くありました。
急な病気のため 1つのスピーチがキャンセルとなりましたが 役の無くなった論評者がAgenda Timer を喜んで引き受けて頂くなど スムーズに進行致しました。


テーブルトピック・モデレーターは 範囲の広い話題で わかり易い楽しい質問でした。

3つのスピーチはいずれもPathways baseで それぞれ異なるジャンルのスピーチで それぞれ印象的でした。各スピーチはそれぞれの論評者によってポイントをついた評価がなされ、エバリュエーションセッションは大変良くまとめられていました。ミーティング全体として 皆様の協力もあって スムーズに行われたと思います。


The first meeting in 2019 was held on Jan.05 at Hatoba Kaikan. The meeting theme was “New Year’s Resolution” which was a mediocre theme in this season, but I was impressed with the answers, as the most of the theme related answers from role takers were serious, meaningful, and interesting ones.
Unfortunately, one speech was canceled due to the speaker’s sudden illness, but his evaluator kindly accepted the Agenda Timer’s role. Joke speech was interesting and funny. Table Topic moderator asked well-selected questions covering broad areas. 3 prepared speeches were based on Pathways, and they were very well done.

They were relatively serious and impressive ones. Each evaluator gave serious evaluations of the corresponding speech. Each speech was evaluated very well, and Evaluation session was done smoothly and successfully. Overall, the meeting was done smoothly.

However, I had some difficulties with the preparation for the meeting as a TMOD. First, I need to apologize that all member address I used was not effective today at all, and it caused the whole process delayed. Also, it caused many inconveniences in the year-end season. Also, I confess it is difficult to get all confirmations, all answers to theme related questions, speech information in this vacation season.



秋はまだまだ、英語スピーチを楽しもう! 第679回例会レポート


第679回例会レポート #679 TMOD Meeting Report



例会の冒頭、著名なクラブ表彰のセレモニーがあり、我々横浜トーストマスターズはPresident Distinguished Clubという上位10%程度しか与えられない貴重な表彰をいただきました。

続いては、ミーティングテーマ。今日のテーマは「Autumn Leave」(紅葉)。おすすめの紅葉スポットはどこですか?偶然にも今日の言葉と一致しました。皆さんからいただいた紅葉スポットをいくつかご紹介しました。最後にNさんから焼き芋を推薦されました。美味しそうですね。


「Table Topic session」ではSさんが進行。カゴから選んだ著名人を説明するというユニークな進め方でした。ユニークな進め方で皆さんは大変楽しんでいました。本日ゲストで来られた方も回答され会場は盛り上がりました。

今日の「Speech Session」は4名。

休憩の後、総合評論者のOさんの進行による「Evaluate Session」。

今回は初めてのTMOD。例会をコントロールできるのか不安がありましたが、Agenda TimerのTさんの正確なタイマーでスケジュール通りに運営できました。有難うございました。


The 679th Meeting was held on November 17 at the Hiranuma Memorial Rest House the same place as the last meeting. A Speech evaluator was absent in the morning. We need a substitute, but we were able to get it with teamwork. I felt that communication from every day will be useful in case of emergency.
Before the regular meeting, “Business English consultation meeting” was held. We were able to share valuable information that can’t get from a book from experience of an overseas resident.
At the beginning of the meeting, We had a club awards ceremony, We Yokohama Toastmasters Club were awarded a valuable award “President Distinguished Club”. It was given only to the top 10%.

Last president TM.T was presented with a commendation ribbon, and a new history has been added to our club, which celebrated its 30th-anniversary last year.
In the meeting, TM.I introduced “Today’s word”. Today’s word is “Leave”. “Leave” has many meanings and uses. Please use it a lot.
Next, the meeting theme. Today’s theme is “Autumn Leave” (KO-YO), where is the recommended place for seeing Autumn leaves? It’s same as the word of today!
I introduced recommended some spots from everyone. In the end, TM.N was recommended sweet potato. It is delicious.
After explaining each role, “Joke Session”. TM. N gave a joke speech fluency.
It is very difficult to take a laugh in English, but surely, she took a laugh.
In “Table Topic session”, TM.S conducted. This session was unique to explain celebrities chosen from the basket.
Everyone enjoyed it in a unique way. Two guests also enjoyed very well. The venue was very excited.

Today’s “Speech Session” is 4 people.
TM. S gave a speech that significance to protect coral reefs. The speech was a long speech with Q&A and response and 15-minutes long speech completed.
The next Speaker is TM.K. Today was his birthday, so it was a memorial speech.
TM. K isn’t good at preparing in advance. Today he didn’t prepare anything to dare, and he did his best speech as he can.
Next is TM.A. In association with the scent of “KINMOKUSEI”, she gave a speech about bitter memories in her school days. Everyone was impressed by her powerful speech.
Finally TM. O He is going to participate in the Kanagawa -ken rookie competition held in this December. His speech was a preparation for the competition.
So, He gave a serious speech just like a real contest.
After the break, “Evaluate Session” conducted by general evaluator TM.O.
Each evaluator was an experienced person and gave an accurate evaluation of each speech. Especially it was very impressive that TM. A gave a hard evaluation in order to get a successful speech in competition.

Following the report from each role, the meeting progressed the final stage. We had the award session.
The best table topic speaker was TM.O. The best evaluator were two persons TM. A and TM.M and the same point. The best speaker was TM.O. Congratulations!
This was the first TMOD. I was worried that I could control the meeting, but I managed to conduct it on schedule through the strict control of Agenda Timer by TM.T. Thank you.



横浜の秋の深まりと英語スピーチを楽しむスピーチマラソン開催! 第678回例会レポート


第678回例会レポート #678 TMOD Meeting Report




本日のWord-of-the-dayは、Kさんです。”Note” ということで動詞や名詞として比較的使いやすい言葉が登場しました。

いつも通り各役割担当者自身による役割の説明に続き、テーブルトピックセッションではTさん司会による”Mentor or Mentee”を主題にした即興スピーチセッションが行われました。「何をMenteeにアドバイスをするか」「Mentorから何のアドバイスを授かったか」など、もしかしたら普段あまり意識をしていないものの、トーストマスターズにおいては重要な機能について思い起こす良い機会となりました。

Hさんは ”Will AI replace teachers?” というタイムリーなお題目でした。中学校の現職英語教師であらせられる人による真摯なスピーチであり、感銘を受けた聴衆者が多く見受けられました。内容の濃いフィードバックが多く寄せられたのではないかと推察します。
Nさん は “Early Bird” というお題目で、「早起きは3文の徳」を実践なさっているお話でした。見習うと良いことがあるかもしれません。
Oさん は数ヶ月前に入会され、今回は2回目のスピーチであるものの堂々となさっていました。お題目は “Marketing in Japan” ということでご自身の仕事内容を土台としながら、国際商取引きの内容を普遍的に図解してくださいました。
Tさん は入会後、最初のスピーチでお題目は “Initiation to the fishery Industry” というものでご自身の漁業と共に歩んできた半生記と自己紹介を兼ねたものでした。何となく壮大な絵巻でも見ているような感覚に陥りました。
Mさんは”Runtastic-Night Excursion”というお題目で、ご自身のランニングで使用している便利なアプリの説明と夜の横浜ランニングコースを写真付きで紹介していただきました。妖しい夜のお店も登場しそうになりアダルトの世界に誘っていただきました。
Hさんは”My Communication Style”というお題目で、いつもの手慣れたスピーチの秘密が少し垣間見れた感じがしました。




678th regular meeting was held at Hiranuma Kinen Rest House which is located nearby to Yokohama Bunka Taiiku-kan and having a meeting at this venue seems to be for tor the first time. Both facilities, which are not so new at all, make us feel something as if we were back to Showa era.
At the beginning of a meeting preparation, I had to seek one speech evaluator out of six speech evaluators and thankfully a voluntary candidate was offered immediately by some members.
This admirable assistance made me feel confident and ease of keeping on my duties.
The short of role takers also required an assist from other club members and we asked one person for a timekeeper accordingly.

Before the regular meeting, a one-hour ad-hoc meeting was offered and conducted by Toastmaster A for a free-discussion relating to English learning tips. Many discretional participants seem to have been enjoying the meeting. I bet many members look forward to joining the 2nd round of the meeting before the next-next regular meeting.

It was Culture Day so to facilitate choosing a meeting theme, “Culture Shock” In the opening, I talked about my experience what I was amazed in Osaka. Despite it was one of my original favorite fake stories (I have ever talked it to Toastmaster N personally before) and I had been assured to make the audience feel extremely funny (surely telling them it was a fake story), it was not so successful in fact. In my view, I found I had some issues on it: the content made fun of Osaka people slightly; some expressions might be substituted with other effective ones to make the story more attractive; failed to speak smoothly in the most important part to make my audience laugh.

Word-of-the-day by Toastmaster K was, “Note” He gave us a word we could use relatively easily in verb or noun when we delivered a speech or spoke something in the meeting. After having a role explanation by respective role takers, as usual, Toastmaster T as a Table Topic Master conducted a table topic session. Every topic she put forward were based on or referred to mentee or mentor in Toastmasters e.g. “What will you advise to your mentee?” or “What kind of advice have you ever received from your mentor?” She gave us an opportunity to remind ourselves an important function in Toastmasters we tend to forget occasionally.

We had 6 speakers in the prepared speech session. “Will AI replace teachers” by Toastmaster H, who is a junior high school English teacher, was a timely topic and her honest thoughts gave us something to consider a lot. I suppose she received many valuable feedbacks from the audience.
“Early Bird” by Toastmaster N is a story about herself who enjoys getting up early in the morning. We may have something lucky if we do the same. “Marketing in Japan” by Toastmaster O, who joined the club just a few months ago, illustrated a world trading business with overhead projector briefly based on his current business. His speech looked confident enough despite it was only his 2nd-time speech. “Initiation to the fishery Industry” by Toastmaster T, who joined the club recently and it was his 1st-time speech, was his self-introduction along with his long journey with the fishery industry. Because of his extensive experience including his expatriate life several times, I felt as if I was watching a spectacular pageant.
”Runtastic-Night Excursion” by Toastmaster M was about a useful app on running along with his Yokohama night excursion on running one day by demonstrating with an overhead projector. I bet nightclub enthusiasts also enjoyed his speech.
”My Communication Style” by Toastmaster H revealed something about the well-determined speeches he delivered consistently.

The evaluation session was conducted by a general evaluator, Toastmaster A. We had 6 individual evaluators for each speech. All the evaluators today were an experienced member or a member who are just back from the USA after an expatriate so that we had a good opportunity to learn fruitful evaluations.

The best table topic speaker was awarded to Toastmaster As (a guest from Zama Toastmaster club?), the best evaluator was awarded to Toastmaster SN, and the best-prepared speaker was awarded to Toastmaster M.



食欲の秋、スポーツの秋、いやいや英語スピーチの秋でしょう! 第675回例会レポート #675 TMOD Meeting Report


第675回例会レポート #675 TMOD Meeting Report


さてこの日、TM Fによって紹介された今日の言葉はOkeydokey でした。今日の言葉を例会中に使うと罰金が減る決まりになっているので、メンバーは例会中に機会を捉え、よく今日の言葉を自分のスピーチに取り入れます。当日も、TM Fが使いやすい言葉を選んでくれたお蔭で、Okeydokeyはしっかりとメンバーの頭に記憶された事でしょう。

皮きりに、TM Mがジョーク・セッションで場の雰囲気を一気に和ませました。万人受けするジョークを思いつくのは簡単ではありませんが、生来のエンターティナーTM Mは持ち前の明るく良く通る声、表情豊かな表情、ひょうきんなジェスチャーをもって観客を大いに沸かせました。

テーブルトピックは横浜トーストマスターの皆のお母さん的存在のTM Tの進行の下、和やかに進みました。
指名されたメンバーは、トランプのババ抜きの様にTM Tからカードを引き、そのカードの裏に書かれた問題を答えます。楽しいアイデアでした。
当日は、厚木座間トーストマスターからTM W をゲストに迎えました。突然の予期せぬ質問にも動ぜず、臨機応変にユーモアで応える鍛え抜かれたスピーチに全員が聴きほれました。観衆を喜ばせる程の優れたスピーチがなされる場に直に遭遇することは、特に新しいメンバーにとって、素晴らしい刺激となりました。TM W、またのお越しをお待ちしております。

通常例会は4本の準備スピーチがあります。TM K がトーストマスターで培われた友情について語り、TM H はSMS の有益性と有害性について客観的な事実をもとに論理的にスピーチを展開し、TM S は準備体操の有益性を体全体で説明し、大変ユーモラスに観客を沸かせました。そして最後のスピーカーTM K は彼らしい意欲的な切り口で、今までの仕事の数々の経験で勝ち得た素晴らしい成果を熱く語りました。

特にTM N.Sには、他の論評者が数分前に行った論評について、同じ3分という時間制限で論評しなければならないというベテランならではの試練が与えられました。
論評に安定した自分の型をもっているTM Tがベストに選ばれました。安定した論評者の論評は聴いていて安心感があります。理路整然としているからでしょうか?論評は早く自分のスタイルを確立することがコツなのかな、と彼の論評を聴き感じました。
今回私は2回目となるTMOD(Toast Master Of the Day)の役を務めさせて頂きました。前回とくらべ、細かい台本を用意していったつもりでしたが、実際に動いてみるとまだ穴があり、分かっているのにするべきことを忘れてしまったり、順番を間違えたりと結構失敗をしてしまいました。

こんなふうに考えられるようになったのは横浜トーストマスターを構成する一人一人のメンバーのお蔭です。こんな英語クラブは、なかなかないですよね? 大変有難いことです。
是非、皆さんもそんな雰囲気を体験しに来ませんか? お節介好きなメンバー一同、熱い気持ちで皆様のお越しを心よりお待ちしております。


Twenty avid members of Yokohama Toastmasters Club got together for a regular meeting on Saturday afternoon of Sep.

15th, the first day of three-day weekend, though it was drizzling all day. Three days before and after Sep. 1st are designated as the National Disaster Prevention Week in Japan, so the question; Are you prepared for unpredictable-sized natural disasters? , was asked to all role takers before coming to the meeting.
Japan is composed of beautiful islands where distinctive nature of four seasons can be enjoyed throughout the country, but at the same time, this means unpredictable natural disasters can hit us anytime, anywhere. Natural disasters are something unavoidable for the people of Japan. It’s best to prepare for the worst regularly.
In order to enhance the disaster prevention awareness of the club members, I asked the question above to each role taker during the meeting, however, the numbers of people  who answered ‘No’ was more than I expected, which was rather shocking to me!
Natural disasters can happen to any of us. It is also said that once it hits us, the restoration of basic infrastructure will take for a few days, or worse, for a few weeks.
So, if your answer was ‘No’, I strongly recommend that you make sure of your emergency supplies at home as soon as possible.

The word-of-the-day at the meeting was “Okeydokey”. By our club’s rule, if you use the word-of-the-day, the amounts of your silence-filler-fine will go down in accordance with the times you use that word, which makes members try to use the word more often. Thanks to the TM F’s nice choice of word, I am sure the word ‘Okeydokey’ was also strongly stored in attendants’ minds.

Firstly, TM M brightened up the atmosphere with the Joke session. Although it is not easy to think of funny jokes that can be well received by people of all ages, he proved himself to be a born entertainer with his unique style of presenting speeches. His clear voice, expressive face, and comical gesture were good enough to win the applause from the audience.

The Table Topic session went smoothly in a warm atmosphere by the effort of TM T, whose presence is always like a big mom of our club.
Just like a baba-picking of a Japanese card game, an assigned member picks a card from TM T, then answers the question written on a card. It was a fresh idea!
We had an honorable guest, TM W, from Atsugi-Zama Toastmasters Club on that day. We were all enthralled by his witty answers that entertained the whole floor. It was a great opportunity especially for novices in our club to observe an experienced Toastmaster handling a table topic question flexibly with ease. Please come and see us again, TM W, to show us the path to follow.

We had four prepared speeches that day. TM K talked about the friendship he had made at Toastmasters Clubs. TM H maintained her opinion about the benefits and risks of using SNS with some concrete evidences, TM S made us laugh to roll on the floor with his comical radio exercise during his speech!! The Final speaker TM K impressed us passionately on what he has won through his multiple job experiences.

The latter part of the meeting was started with the evaluation session, led by an experienced TM H.I. It is not an easy job to evaluate a speech that was made just a while ago within three minutes, what is more, in English!
Evaluators are required to concentrate on the context of the speech, being very busy deciding on what to omit and what to comment in the three-minute evaluation.
Excellent evaluators are not made in a day. They are self-trained to be the one through hundreds of practices.
Especially TM N.S, an advanced Toastmaster, had a suitable tough task to make another evaluation on one of the evaluator’s speeches.
TM T won the best award for the evaluator, for he has a concrete frame-work to be used at the evaluation, which adds more persuasiveness to his evaluation speech. It might be helpful to build our own evaluation style to give a good presentation like TM T.
It was my second time doing TOMD role. I had prepared the detailed script for the meeting but actually, it didn’t turn out good enough; I forgot something to do or did something in a wrong way…
Nevertheless, this didn’t spoil the whole meeting, for there was always warm atmosphere during the meeting, and I was really relieved that I could return the control of a meeting to our president, TM F, without an unacceptable delay.
The warm ambience of Yokohama Toastmasters Club never lets you down or makes you feel ashamed when you make some mistakes at a meeting,
I feel that you can learn something only where you can be yourself, rather than in a place where you become nervous. It is not a shame to make mistakes. Let’s think positive. Making a mistake is a great thing because you can learn from it. My three- year experience in Yokohama Toastmasters club has made me a different person to think that way.
I owe my progress in command of English to every member of the Yokohama Toastmasters Club. You can hardly find such a wonderful English club, can’t you? I am very thankful about it.
If you are interested, please come to our club and feel the friendly atmosphere yourself. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you at our meetings!



楽しみながらプレゼンとヒアリングを学ぶ英語スピーチマラソン開催 第674回例会レポート


第674回例会レポート #674 TMOD Meeting Report


今回はスピーチマラソンを開催し6名の方が準備してきたスピーチを行いました。TM. Sから本日のWord of the Dayは「Memorable」であることが発表されました。今回は新しい門出へと旅立つ方もいて、まさにMemorableな会となりました!

各Role Takerから役割の説明があった後、TM.Nによるテーブルトピックセッションが始まりました。この即興のスピーチセッションはトーストマスターズの神髄です。このセッションはランダムにスピーカーを当てて、その場で2分間のスピーチをするというもので、会場はドキドキモードになるのですが、今回はTM.Nによるリードのおかげで皆さんリラックスし、楽し気なユーモア満載のスピーチが多かったです。その中でもTM.Aのガールズトーク的なネタをベースにした小話に会場は笑いの渦に巻き込まれました。(もちろん、TM.AがBest Table topic speakerです)

今回はスピーチマラソンなので、なんと6名の方が畳みかけるようにスピーチを行いました。 TM. Aによる「トーストマスターズと私」を皮切りに、TM. Hによる「フォスターケア(里親制度)」、TM. Mによる「飛行機が飛ぶ不思議の解明」、TM. Tによる「大問題!日本のホームレス」、TM. Sによる「病気になる計画」、TM.Nによる「少しだけ私について」です。

今回は社会的なスピーチや、自分の家族を題材にしたユーモア満載スピーチ、型にはまらない自由な表現のアイスブレークと多岐にわたるジャンルのスピーチがあり、学習あり、笑いあり、納得ありの連続でした。なかでもTM.Aの親子三代でトーストマスターズに入会したい!という意気込みが皆の心をとらえ、Best Prepared Speaker に選ばれました。TM.Aは産休に入り少しお休みをとります。元気な赤ちゃんとともにトーストマスターズに戻ってきてくださいね!

今回のGeneral EvaluatorはTM.Kです。今回の会は私とほぼ同時期に入会したメンバーが主要なロールを担当した会ですので「2018年入会組」による会といってもよいでしょう!TM.Kは適格にTime Managementの重要性を伝えておりました。
Best General Evaluatorは飛行機シュミレーションゲームはまっているTM.Iです。




The 674th regular meeting was held at Hatoba-kaikan where is one of the best location of Yokohama city on September 1st(Saturday). It is getting cooler and we felt the sign of Autumn. This time, we conducted “Speech Marathon” event that 6 speakers gave the prepared speech. Today`s word of the day is “Memorable” introduced by TM.S. Today, we had members who has a Journey to the next step, so it is truly Memorable day for us.

After the explanation of each role, the table topic scission was begun. The table topic scission is the most exciting part of Toastmasters and each member is giving around 2 minutes of impromptu speech without any preparation! Usually, all members are little bit nerves, but this time, by fantastic lead by TM.N, everyone was so relaxed and enjoyed giving speeches with humor. Especially, the speech by TM.A which are based of story of ”Girl`s Talk” was always full of big laughter. (Of course, TM.A got the best table topic speaker!)

This time, we had 6 speakers gave wonderful speeches..
“Toastmasters and Me” by TM.A,  
“Foster Care” by TM.H,
“Reveal the mystery of flying plane” by TM.M,  
“A big issue: Homeless in Japan” by TM.T,  
“Plan to get Sick” by TM.S,
“A little about me” by TM.N.
There were wide range of topics from serious speech about social issue to humorous speech about family. Among those, TM.A who will have a maternity leave showed her wish to attend Toastmasters over three generation! She was elected to Best Prepared speaker. Please come back to this club with your beautiful baby!

TM.K took the role of General Evaluator. Member like me and him who joined the club this year starts taking important role of the meeting. TM.K pointed out the importance of time management. TM.I got Best Evaluator and he commented that he played the freight simulation game as introduction to his evaluation of TM.M speech about aviation.

We had 2 members who are returning to their country and it was their last attendance of Yokohama Toastmasters club. TM.T will return to Vietnam and TM.S will return to Taiwan. It was so sad since we all enjoyed their speech about overseas! President F pass the present which are message board from everybody in this club. Please stop by to YTC when you visit to Japan!

This is my first try as TMOD. It is the task of TMOD who put energy into to the meeting and brings participant higher engagement. It requires all kind of skills which we can learn in Toastmasters such as impromptu speech, sense of humor, gesture and intonation. I felt I need to lean more. By attending more meeting of Toastmasters, I felt I can do much better next time!



第671回例会レポート #671 TMOD Meeting Report


第671回例会レポート #671 TMOD Meeting Report


例会の冒頭で新会長のFさんより、改めて今期の「スローガン」である「Challenge Together, Support Together, and Smile Together」に基づいて、熱意が語られました。

その後、今日のToastmaster of the Day(TMOD)のT(私)にバトンが渡り、例会は続きました。
今日の最初のセッションは、「Joke Sessionジョークセッション」でした。約1年ぶりに復活したセッションです。









July 21st, the #671 YTMC regular meeting was held at Hatoba-Kaikan. It was a second meeting since new officer’s term have started. And it was extremely hot day, but the meeting started on time with many existing members and 3 guests.
At the very begging of the meeting, our new President TM F provided his passion for new term with his new slogan, which is ‘Challenge Together, Support Together, and Smile Together’.
And then, one of today’s guest, TM S who is new Area54 Director conducted a special award presentation. TM F and TM N were presented with Competent Communication (CC) Award and TM S was presented with Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) Award. Congratulation, TM F, TM N and TM S!!!

After that, TM M introduced Today’s Word of the Day, which was ‘beneficial’. He gave us a great example and it was ‘Yokohama TM Club is a very beneficial place’. It was a familiar word for us, so many members used this word during the meeting.
Then, meeting baton was passed to me, Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) and continued the meeting.
Today’s first session was ‘Joke Session’. TM K who has more than 10 years Toastmaster’s experience took this role. He provided us 3 humorous joke stories. Thank you, TM K!

Next, today’s Table Topic Master was TM N and he run this session very smoothly and provided 7 questions. All questions were not easy to answer, but it means his session was great training for all members to improve our prompt speech skills.

During Prepared Speech Session, 4 prepared speakers gave us speeches based on different manuals and projects and every speech entertained us.
TM K made a speech about one of his hobbies, ‘Horse Racing’. His speech was included his personal story and it was very informative about horse racing. TM N who is fluent in speaking English gave us a wonderful ‘Story Telling’ speech about her memory of early childhood. Although her project’s speech time was 6-8min, which was longer then usual, she did a great job without a speech script. TM F who is our new president also gave a speech about one of his hobbies, which was activities of Yokohama Toastmasters Club!! He explained us why he likes YTMC and why YTMC is beneficial place for him. He also sang a song at the begging of his speech and during his speech and it made us so fun! Last speaker was TM S who is very experienced member. He also provided us a very informative and educated speech, which was about career development and support program for post doctors. He explained us using some Power Point slides and those slides and those materials were very effective and easy to understand for us. Even his speech time was 10-12min, he finished his speech 12min 30 seconds sharp!! What a great job!! All speakers did wonderful performances!!

After the short break, TM S conducted an Evaluation session. Although, it was his first challenge as General Evaluator, he did well-prepared for this session. 4 Evaluators (TM O, TM M, TM A and TM T) performed wonderful speeches although all prepared speaker’s speeches were high-quality, and it was not easy to find some advices for those speakers. They gave both good advices and some room for improvements.
TM S, General Evaluator provided us very positive and educated evaluations for all role takers including me. Thank you!

Finally, today’s award receivers were below. Congratulations!!A
Best Speaker Award: TM F (New President)
Best Evaluator Award:TM O
Best Table Topic Speaker Award:TM A

Right before the end of the meeting, new role ’Agenda Timer’’, TM T gave us a Timer’s Report.
He reported the detail time report for each supporter’s and role takers sessions. This new role is
a new attempt from this meeting for time management. I believe that this new attempt will give
some changes and awareness of time management for all members and our every meeting.

Thanks to all role takers prompt support, I was able to make my preparation for the meeting smoothly. Also, during the meeting, all role takers did well-prepared for their roles, the meeting run very smoothly without any trouble and issues. Overall, the meeting was very educated, fun and enjoyable!! I really appreciate all members kind and big support!! Thank you very much!

Next meeting will take place on August 4th at Hatoba Kaikan.



第670回例会レポート #670 TMOD Meeting Report


第670回例会レポート #670 TMOD Meeting Report


ミーティングの冒頭、新プレジデントのFさんによる挨拶及び3つのスローガン(Challenge Together, Support Together, Smile Together)の発表がありました。Fさんのファースト・ネームのフィリピン語での意味の通りhappyな雰囲気で、新しい1年のスタートを切りました。


この日のTable TopicマスターはHさん。七夕当日のミーティングだったため、質問は七夕及びミーティングのテーマ「Star」に関するものでした。タイ出身のHさんが織姫、彦星、短冊といった日本の七夕伝説(実は中国が発祥?)に関する言葉を調べてくれていたことがとても嬉しかったです。

Tさんは大人になってからはあまり七夕を意識していなかったけれど、お嬢さんと七夕を楽しむために、飾りの作り方をネットで調べていたら飾りそれぞれに意味があることを知ったとのこと。この話にメンバーの多くが「へぇ、そうなんだ」という感じでうなずいていました。TさんはBest Table Speakerに選ばれました。

Prepared Speech Sessionは4名のスピーカーが大変印象深いスピーチをしてくれました。
OさんはYTMC入会後初めてのスピーチでしたが、落ち着いた口調で、時折聴衆の笑いも取りながらBigger Worldに出て来た理由を話してくれました。Tさんのスピーチはカラフルな声色とジェスチャーを織り交ぜた、躍動感のあるものでした。ご自身のスターはJohn F. KenneyだというOさんは、great speechに必要な要素について話してくれました。とても興味深くて多くのメンバーがうなずきながら聴き入っていました。4番目に登場したのはIさんです。難しい話でしたが、スライドを使って、内容をかみ砕いて解りやすく説明してくれました。Best Prepared Speakerはgreat speechの話をしてくれたOさんでした。

Evaluatorは皆さん、speechの良かった点、課題点をキチンと指摘していました。これはevaluateしてもらった人だけでなく、全メンバーの今後のスピーチに生かせると思います。Best EvaluatorはAさんでした。



YMTC’s #670 regular meeting took place on July 7 at Hatoba Kaikan. It was the first meeting supported by new officers. President F gave us President’s Address & Briefing at the beginning of the meeting, and showed us our club’s slogan, “Challenge Together, Support Together, and Smile Together”. We got off to a good start in a happy mood.

We agreed in a unanimous the suggestion, from TM O, that YTMC is to purchase a new NIKON camera with high pixels. It belongs to YTMC.

TM H lead table topic session. She prepared questions related to Star Festival, a.k.a. Tanabata in Japanese, and stars (famous people). I’m touched with the attitude of TM H, a native Thai, who googled traditional Star Festival terms such as Orihime, Hikoboshi, Tanzaku.

TM T rarely paid attention to Star Festival after grown up but she learned the meanings of ornaments for the Festival while she googled how to make Star Festival ornaments for her daughter. A lot of members appeared to nod in agreement at her story. She won the Best Table Topic Speaker.

The prepared speeches from four speakers were really impressive.
TM O gave us his very first Ice Breaker speech in a poised tone of voice. He shared his life story with us including a reason he came out to the “Bigger World”. TM T’s speech had an uplifting feeling with vocal variety. TM O, whose star is John F. Kennedy, told us three essential elements for a great speech. A lot of members was listening to his speech with curiosity. The fourth speaker was TM I. The contents of his speech were not so easy to understand but he explained in easy words for us to understand. Slides was a good help for the audience. The Best Prepared Speaker was TM O who talked about great speeches.

Evaluators gave speakers compliments and also pointed out areas that speakers can improve more. Not only speakers in today’s prepared speech session but all of the club members can learn from the feedbacks. The Best Evaluator went to TM A.

I was able to send out the meeting agenda on Thursday night thanks to all role takers’ prompt actions. I appreciate your quick email replies despite your busy schedule. I made some mistakes as TMOD but made it through the meeting with huge support from YTMC members. I will use the feedback, which I received from fellow members, to improve my work for next opportunities.

Next meeting will take place on July 21 at Hatoba Kaikan.